Little Bitty World

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More Customer Testimonials

We have trusted our child with Miss Kathy at Little Bitty World since he was 2 ½ months old, and feel so lucky that we found such a great fit for us. Our son was the first full time child that was brought into the day care program, and Kathy really listed to us and asked about the baby products and routines that we used at home to make the transition as easy on him as possible. She gave us report cards for him so that we could track how much he was eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom so that we could make sure that he was healthy and being well cared for. She has provided us with the flexibility that we needed at time due to demanding work schedules, and has even responded to last minute text messages late at night to assure me we can drop our son earlier than usual. She is extremely easy to get a hold of during the day if I want to know how he is doing or am missing him and want some pictures; she is great at updating the Facebook page with pictures and videos so that we can see all of the fun things the kids are doing as well.

It’s clear that she loves all of the children and often goes above and beyond to provide a great environment for the kids. She provides extremely healthy food, and my son is a great eater when he is there. Kathy transformed her home and backyard into any kids’ dream, it seems like every time we drop our son off she has found some new toy for the kids to play with! Kathy and her assistants are very interactive with the kids, and aren’t afraid to get dirty whether it’s putting together the latest craft or playing in the mud or water in the backyard. She has started the kids with a Baby Signing Time movie series and gave the parents some information on basic sign language that we could use at home too (including some videos and posters), which has helped us to communicate better with our son. If nothing else it’s been very cute to see our son sign “sorry” or “thank you” as he’s saying it, and there are some words that he still struggles to say but can sign to us instead. When we drop him off he is so excited to go play that we’re lucky to get a goodbye hug from him before we leave – he’s too busy playing with his friends!

In addition, Kathy is going back to school so that she can continue to learn and grow in her practice – it’s clear that this is a huge priority to her. We trust Little Bitty World entirely, and are excited that we can bring our second baby there soon as well. We would highly recommend Little Bitty World to any parents looking for a safe and fun place to take their kids, we wouldn’t take ours anywhere else.

- Christina N

My daughter was cared for by Kathy and her Itty Bitty World team from the age of 5 months to a little over 2 years old. She was referred to me by my sister since she also cared for my niece and we couldn't have been more fortunate to find such a safe, loving, supportive, and educational place for our little ones to grow. I couldn't recommend Kathy and her team more. I know it is scary to leave your child with someone but since my niece had already had such a positive experience I knew we were in safe hands. She helped my little one build healthy habits and gave the best advice when we turned to her for guidance. You can rest assure that with Itty Bitty World your child will experience a lot of laughter, nurturing, and growth!