Little Bitty World

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Parent's questions

Are you licensed and Insured?

Yes.  I am licensed by the State of California.  My current License number is #073408629.  When I moved I was given a new License #.  When I changed from a Small to a Large Childcare I was given a new License #.  The old numbers are available to you upon request.   

To be a licensed provider we are required to have a background check and TB test for everyone in our household and we must also have first aid training and be CPR certified.  Our house must also pass a very thorough safety inspection by the state.

Yes, I do carry Liability Insurance for my child care facility.

How long have you been a provider?

40 years ago, when I was in middle school I started babysitting for the families in my neighborhood.  In the 80's while I was in college I worked for La Petite Academy and was a nanny.    In the mid 90's I had a family home childcare when my two children were young.  Once my children started elementary school I worked for their school as the school's secretary and a teacher assistant.  In 2004, I opened a candy store that had children's classes, parties, scout meetings and school field trips, I was also a foster parent for the state of Florida.  In 2010 we moved to California and that is when I decided to open a family childcare again.  

Where is your daycare located?

I do not advertise my exact location for the safety of the children who come here.  I am in Concord near Pine Hollow Road.  I will give you the location once we both decide to take the next step and have a face to face interview and for you to tour the facility.

How much is your tuition and what does that include?

My tuition is:

full time care=$65 per day.  

part time=$65 per day.  Drop in care= $15 per hour.

Date night care=$30-$50 (depending on age)  Overnight care depends on hours and age of child.

New Year's Eve care is $100 for the night.

On site wedding childcare is available.

Tuition includes lunch and 2 snacks per day,  It also includes the preschool curriculum for children 18 months and up.

Tuition is due the first day of the week.

Anything else we should know?

I have cats.  They are old cats and do not hang out around the children during the day.  They will come out the first time you are here, but will go back to bed after they have checked you out.

My house is a non smoking space.

I provide organic fruits and veggies from "Imperfect Produce".  Just ask, I can tell you all about their wonderful program.

I love arts and crafts, singing and dancing.  I believe kids need lots of fresh air and to get dirty sometimes.  We will be outside as much as possible, however, when the temperature goes over 90' I have no problem using the air-conditioner. 

Our program is fairly structured with a couple of opportunities for free play during the day.


You and your child will become my family.  I will be here to give you support,  offer advice and anything else I can help you with.